Our Services

We believe in nurturing a strong and continuous relationship with each of our customers.

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A team of professionals at your service

We offer a wide range of services aimed at meeting customer needs timely and professionally. Specifically, the services offered include:

Corporate and accounting consultancy

  • Advice on ordinary corporate duties, on setting up company, on relationships between Shareholders/partners, between them and the company, between the company and corporate bodies;
  • Consultancy and assistance for extraordinary business transactions such as transfers, mergers and acquisitions, transformations and companies splitting;
  • Assistance for acquisition and sale of companies and corporate shares.
  • Assistance on company liquidation;
  • Accounting services;
  • Labor forces consultancy and management;
  • Data processing and analysis, budgeting for companies, sole proprietorship and professionals;
  • Consultancy and assistance in setting up financial statements, single and consolidated, according to the rules of the Civil Code, Italian GAAP and tax rules;
  • Bookkeeping and holding and printing company books;
  • Contractual and Commercial Law consultancy;
  • Corporate and accounting consultancy.





  • Auditing committee;
  • Business analysis and control;
  • Accounting and administrative reports.





  • Tax planning and consultancy for all types of tax-relevant entities and persons;
  • Tax returns for all types of tax-relevant entities and persons;
  • VAT and 770 returns, tax returns on properties;
  • International tax planning and flat rate tax for non-resident management;
  • Tax litigation.




  • Company and branch assets valuation;
  • Preparation and asseveration of appraisals.




  • Intarastat returns;
  • Domiciliation of company offices;
  • Compliance visas on tax receivables;
  • Smart card release for digital signature. 



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